Tippity Tappin Away in the Coffee Shop

I write a lot, and I wanted a place to share my flash fiction stories.

The writing man with no writing plan, sitting in his writing land

Hello people,

I’m Scott and I live in WRJ (White River Junction) or “The Junk” as only the coolest call it. I grew up here in Vermont, and I love rural. WRJ seems to have a good balance of rural and urban atmospheres (for me). There’s tubing, but also a sleek mediterranean place that makes good lattes downtown (one block, if that). There’s a cartoon college, so artists are drawn in from all over. There’s music at the Main Street Museum, and an ivy league college ten minutes away.

I started writing after reading a particularly vacuous short story that was PUBLISHED. IN A BOOK. THAT I PAID FOR.

“I could write a better story, and I don’t even write,” I said with my hands covering my face.

The next day I began thinking about stories. What they mean, how they form, why people write. I analyzed what stories I like and more importantly WHY I like them. It has been an awesome experience, although it has made me much less forgiving of movies, which means my love of the movie Mystery Men is harder to justify to myself.

What is on this blog, are a collection of things I’ve written in one sitting. Each story was inspired by a prompt, or the need to fulfill some scene in my head. Some examples include emerging from a mass grave, or creating an urban predator where humans are its prey.

Enjoy! And if one of these inspires you to write, let me know! Writing should be contagious, so let it infect you. To quote Mr. Labeuf, “Do it!”

-Scott “Single Shot Cappuccino” Brown