Hello people,

Today I have a headache! I never get headaches. I have not put forth effort into writing in quite some time. Compiling and editing short stories is going slow and painfully. My longer stories are becoming overwhelming. I am not allowing myself to relax.

It is…unpleasant. My writing time in the mornings has become more stressful than either of my two jobs…and I’m not even published. That’s not good.

So I’m trying to relax. Take a breather. I still haven’t really found a writing method I can go to.

I still haven’t found a good character arc for Hajra. I’ve been re-reading Film Crit Hulk’s book on script-writing and reading a new book on character arcs. Everything is becoming muddled, and with no one around to discuss with…things are contorting in my mind.

So I open things to you! I have had a few comments on stories, and limited critical feedback. If there is any stories you think I NEED to include in a small anthology, I would LOVE to hear which ones!

If you have emotional support….I would appreciate. A bunch.

Keep on keepin on, my friends.

-Scott “Kelp” Brown