Hello all!

Hope your day is going well! Or at least, not terrible.

I’m doing alright, although my work of late has not been things that I can put up here because….it already is here.

I’m compiling short stories into a book. I have been reading about writing to improve. This is amazing to me. In only one chapter of the first book I read I had several epiphanies.

The Story of Hajra is being edited and added to, as well as editing all the short stories I’ve written thus far.

I also started writing a PLAY. Which, given my history of performing in plays, I thought I was pretty well done with those. (I ended up not wanting to perform)

But this is necessary, it seems. No matter how much I get away from the idea, it keeps coming back. I have always wanted to do a short film/play that involves two characters. One character is threatening suicide on a bridge, and the other is trying to talk them down.

I have never been either of those people specifically, but I have been depressed for a large portion of my life. There were many times when spirals of negative thought were hurting me intensely. In those moments I had an introspective and long term view of suicide. It was not a fleeting emotion. There was no divorce, I didn’t JUST have a break-up. It was another step, in a long hike of misery. So why would I want to keep walking?

This was usually too much for people to handle. People are not used to pain like that. In order to help a person in that kind of pain, one needs to walk with them a little while. Slow down, match their pace, and listen.

But in order to do that, one is going to gaze into the void with the other. This is where people get afraid or uncomfortable. Then they stop listening.

I have endured a lot of invalidation in my life. That moment on the edge is the most emotionally charged for both parties. I want to pick it apart and produce something that resonates. Something that people like me, can point to when they can’t articulate the rage growing underneath all the sadness.

So uh…gonna do that! It’s gonna be saaaaaaaad!

Thank you all for your looks n likes, I get immense satisfaction out of knowing that somewhere there are people enjoying my work.