An army of soldiers marched towards an army of hell in the barren fields bordering the gateway. Blood red, unholy energy cascaded from a great hole in the earth. Denizens of all shapes and sizes roiled from the depths.

Large ape-like demons thundered the earth as they moved towards the approaching soldiers. Human-sized monsters moved on tentacled limbs like a sidewinder. Their mouths watered, eagerly awaiting their promised meal.

More poured from the maw of hell, rolling, walking, bounding. The sky above crackled with rage. At what? The soldiers? The gateway? It was anyone’s guess. The gods could not be trusted anymore.

Hadvar and his men were at the front lines. Each of the five men wielded an axe in one hand and a large shield in the other.

“We close the portal for good. Today!” Hadvar screamed.

His footsteps became quicker.

“We send them back! We will create the peace that we read about…”

A javelin struck him in the chest, pinning him to the earth. One of the ape-like beasts reached to a sack on its back. It was readying another one.

Jotun stopped the march, letting his comrades past. He went to Hadvar. The javelin was clear through him, his heart was surely pierced.

“I will slay them all for you!” Jotun stood and patted his chest with his axe hand. He joined the others, quickly reaching the speed of the pack.

When he encountered his first beast of the battle he smashed into it with his shield. Tentacles writhed all around the metal, attempting to pry it from him. As it lowered Jotun could see the smiling creature.

He did not waste time. His axe blade found the tentacles on the shield. He sliced the thing away as it howled.

Jotun left the thing on the ground, twitching like a fish out of water.

Hector, Boris, and Minyolf were clashing with their own beasts. They slashed away at the tentacles, using the creatures as shields from nearby knife throwers.

A shadow loomed over them. The ground shook. A monster standing fifteen feet tall was approaching with a weapon the size of an ox.

Jotun remembered the staff. He pulled it from his back, and then smashed it into the earth in front of him.

“Dragonwave, incoming!” he cupped his hands in the direction of his comrades.

They looked up for only a moment and then dropped to the earth, covering their bodies with their shields.

The giant beast raised its hammer, but the action turned into something defensive. It covered its face, but it was not enough.

A wave of fire swept through the field from above. The dragon of the north cut a swathe of flame through the armies of hell. It raised up near the portal itself, readying another breathe.

Tentacles snapped from the maw dragging the animal into the depths.

The men looked at the beast, now singed from head to toe. It fell backwards with a great cascade of ash and dust.

“Why the FUCK would you do that?” Hector called out.

His face was red with rage. The dragon’s breathe probably aided that.

Jotun smiled, “It worked, did it not?”

Hector shook his head, while the other men cheered.

Victory was assured.