Hey guys!

I am incredibly excited to see people are reading these stories I’ve written. My thoughts become words, and you eat the words, then they become your thoughts. My thoughts become your thoughts. CRAZY!

My plans with this blog are not as thought out as you might expect. I am simply laying down stories that I previously wrote, hoping to gather an audience for beta readers. I am working on several longer stories at the moment, and now that I have my confidence boosted on a regular basis thanks to you(!), I am putting in some major work.

I was thinking of posting some excerpts on here, maybe my own descriptions of characters I’m working on? I’m not sure, this blog is a new venture for me. I’m still not quite sure what I want to do with it, but I know that I will be constantly putting stuff on here for you dudes to (hopefully) enjoy and inspire.

I am ESPECIALLY excited to see people reading from other countries, as I haven’t been able to travel yet. Exploring different cultures and how they speak to each other, colloquialisms in different places and languages, religious weight in cultures. All of this pushes me to learn about how people act around their own, and around strangers. This drives me.

Islam especially, as my country (United States) has had a tough time with the idea of Muslim people. As my own way of combating this hatred, bigotry, and ignorance, I try and frame Islam in a way that is immediately engaging. After reading 1001 nights, I felt a powerful need to reintroduce the fantastical world of the Middle East to any westerners I could.

The stories are there. I grew up watching Harryhausen movies, and Sinbad was the man. Things got kicked into high gear when friends introduced me to a board game called Tales of the Arabian Nights. The otherworldly creatures differ from christian celestial beings in an amazing way. They, unlike angels or devils, have no alignment, and no way to accurately assess their motive. When a man encounters an angel, he can breathe easy, but when a man encounters a Djinn, it is a true reflection of themselves. They can be tempted or not, but power has its own plan. The man may ignore the Djinn, eager to get away from such a chaotic being, but it may follow them, tormenting them. Or perhaps it’s a friendly Djinn who grants them access to The Cave of Wonders!

It paints an image: the world is a terrifying and chaotic place, so be happy you are alive.

1001 night was such a wonderful experience. Each small story, while connected by Shaharazad, was completely different and shared no outcome. These were unpredictable plots, with characters dying and being turned into beasts. But the story was stories, and I feel that this aspect of literature is missing from modern stories. Stories for stories sake, without fluff.

So get ready to hear about Hajra, The Siren of the Sowd. I hope you’ll join me in this tale, and the story of making it.

-Thanks guys!

-Scott “+6 to Intrigue” Brown